This one-day practical and experiential workshop is designed for clinicians working in mental health settings, where consumers may present a risk of violence and aggression.

These behaviours can be part of their presenting difficulties, such as impulsive actions, linked to struggles with auditory hallucinations, or exist alongside other issues. The workshop aims to;

  • Equip clinicians with the skills to assess aggressive behaviours within the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework.
  • Teach practical application of ACT techniques to effectively treat and manage aggressive behaviours.
  • Provide strategies to engage clients who exhibit low motivation or are in denial about their aggressive tendencies.
  • Educate clinicians on how to avoid inadvertently reinforcing aggressive behaviours and ensure they are not contributing to the problem.
  • Develop skills for managing crises and ensuring safety and wellbeing in volatile situations.
  • Address the emotional and psychological impact on therapists working with aggressive behaviours and develop self-care strategies.

About the presenter

Dr Daniel Simsion is a senior clinical psychologist at Forensicare, and a lecturer in advanced psychology practice at La Trobe University. He has training in both clinical and forensic psychology, and experience working with consumers with a range of complex difficulties across community, inpatient, and prison settings. He has supported consumers with histories of a range of forensic issues, including violence, usually co-occurring with mental health difficulties. His primary therapeutic modality is ACT, and he has served as secretary and president of ANZ ACBS. He has also completed comprehensive training in DBT with Behavioral Tech.

About this event

Where is it held?

This workshop is located at The Centre for Theology and Ministry (CTM) at Parkville.

How much does it cost?

This event will cost $100.00 for all participants.

When is this event?

21 November 2024, 9.00am – 4.30pm

How long will this event run for?

This event will run for approximately 7 hours, 30 minutes.

How can I book?

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