The Advanced Clinical Decision Making (ACDM) course is designed to support Grade 2 nursing staff looking to enhance their knowledge and skills to prepare to step-up into the 'nurse in charge' role.

The ACDM Course, supports the learner in the areas of:

  • Clinical Deterioration
  • Team Management
  • Discharge Planning
  • Crisis Recourse Management

Who this event is for

This event is for Grade 2 Registered Nurses looking at enhancing their knowledge and preparation to the 'in charge' role.


This event is held at the Melbourne Clinical Simulation Centre at the RMH Parkville.

When is this event?

26 September 2024

How long will this event run for?

This event will run for approximately 1 day.

How can I book?

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Melbourne Clinical Simulation Centre
The RMH Parkville
Ground Level West
300 Grattan St, Parkville, Victoria