10 April 2018
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Ever wondered what happens to leftover food from the hospital kitchen?

Melbourne Health recently began taking part in an initiative where excess food generated by the Melbourne Health Central Production Kitchen in Footscray is donated to those in need instead of going to waste.

The idea was initiated by Melbourne Health Food Services Production Manager Brendan Ridley, who got in touch with OzHarvest, an organisation that collects quality excess food that would otherwise go to waste and delivers it to charities for distribution in the community.

Brendan arranged for OzHarvest to pick up surplus food from the Melbourne Health Kitchen daily from Monday to Saturday.

The surplus food is prepared each day to accommodate any new patients and as a contingency for unplanned events within the hospital.

After the food is picked up, OzHarvest delivers it to the Northpoint Centre in Tullamarine, a community organisation that distributes more than 1200 food hampers each week to individuals and families who are experiencing hardship.

As a result of this initiative, Melbourne Health now provides approximately 100 cooked-chill main meals, 80 modified texture main meals (which are processed into soup in the charity kitchen) and 60 desserts each day to charity.

“We are proud that Melbourne Health is able to assist individuals and families who are struggling to afford nutritious food, while also diverting food waste from landfill,” Director Facilities Management Michael McCambridge said.

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