X-rays of Mayricio's sheltered pelvis
16 November 2015
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Just two years ago, father of three Mauricio was left for dead after a horrific hit and run. But almost two years later, Mauricio is back on the road in support of the hospital that saved his life.

Mauricio and his family, Father's Day 2013
Mauricio and his family, Father's Day 2013

It was a day like any other.

Mauricio was cycling home from work when a truck clipped him, flinging him from his bike. The impact almost killed him, shattering his pelvis, breaking his sternum and six ribs, damaging his kidneys and severing his renal artery.

The 44-year old from Aspendale was rushed to The Royal Melbourne Hospital, his life hanging by a thread.

On his way to the hospital, he had four blood transfusions in the ambulance and was placed into an induced coma on his arrival at the hospital. His distraught wife and children were told to brace themselves for the worst.

Mauricio spent 15 weeks in hospital and underwent 21 major operations. But thanks to the skill, quick thinking and dedication of Royal Melbourne doctors and nurses, Mauricio survived.

“I can’t imagine the grief and agony my family went through or how hard it must’ve been when they were told I could potentially lose my life or the ability to walk again. When my wife Michelle and our daughter Imogen arrived at the hospital, all they saw was a room full of blood and my torn clothes on the floor,” Mauricio said.

Amazingly, after months of rehabilitation, Mauricio is back on the bike again and planning something remarkable; a marathon ride of 900km from Melbourne to Adelaide to raise funds for The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

“I want to give back to the people who have given me a priceless gift: my life. I had such enormous support from The Royal Melbourne. Without them, I wouldn’t be here - I’d be just another statistic of the road toll,” Mauricio said.

“This ride is to honour and thank the many people that have been with me through this journey.”

More than 66,000 people come through The Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency Department every single year; with 1,000 of those people classified as major traumas, like Mauricio.

As one of only two designated adult trauma centres in Victoria, The RMH see half of the state’s most critically-ill and injured patients, like Mauricio. You can support The Royal Melbourne Hospital by donating to their Emergency and Trauma Christmas Appeal.