06 October 2017
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Movies make for great memories. The story, the actors or even the person who watched with us can all be reasons why a particular movie sticks in our memory.

Studies have also shown that movies are also great for elderly patients, particularly patients with dementia.

So when the staff from Ward AC3, an aged care ward at the RMH Royal Park Campus, were thinking of a new social activity for their patients, the idea of a weekly movie screening was the perfect choice.

“When our patients watch a favourite movie it can stir positive memories and inspire good feelings about loved ones in their lives. Movies can also help bring back some of the best memories and even spark conversation,” said Shy Sivalingam, Nurse Unit Manager on Ward AC3.

With the help of Ward AC3 volunteer Jeffrey, ‘Show Time’ began in August and takes place in the communal space on the ward every Wednesday afternoon.

The communal space has been made to feel more homely with some artificial plants and new, comfortable chairs for the patients to sit back and relax. The series began with a screening of Pollyanna in the first week which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Shy said that patients on Ward AC3 can stay in hospital anywhere between 14-21 days and it’s often a very difficult time for them as they are in an unfamiliar environment and not able to go about their usual activities.

“The idea was to organise a few activities that are familiar to our patients, activities they would often do in their own homes to keep them engaged and occupied.

Show Time aims to engage the patients to make their time on the ward more enjoyable. We also hope to increase their mood and create a nice conversation starter between the patients and the staff and volunteers,” Shy said.

Pictured: Shy Sivalingam, Nurse Unit Manager and volunteer Jeffrey from Ward AC3, with patients during the movie screening of Pollyanna.

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