15 May 2020
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Staff at The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) have used music to come together during the COVID-19 crisis.

As the RMH continues to work through COVID, testing our community and staying vigilant as the pandemic continues, staff have used music as a way to unwind and connect.

Inspired by the ‘Couch Choir’ and ‘Pub Choir’, RMH staff from a range of different areas including, Medical, Nursing, Allied Health, Executives, Admin, Security, and Environmental Services, have all participated in the ‘scrub choir’.

The project, led by Chief Music Therapist Dr Emma O’Brien OAM, includes more than 200 staff singing the uplifting song by Bruno Mars ‘Count on Me’.

“The Scrub Choir project aimed to bring joy to our staff and some much-needed time out and be inclusive. We have all been under high levels of stress in the community and here at the hospital. It is vital that we support each other, during this crisis and always, provide meaningful opportunities for connection and music is the perfect connector,” Dr O’Brien said.

Staff submitted footage virtually of them singing, dancing, joining in, in any way they wanted to – the RMH Music Therapy team created the backing track with Audrey Studios and had an overwhelming response.

“We have had submissions from all over the hospital, from all our sites. It has been inspiring to create the project and it has certainly unearthed some hidden talents. One of my personal favourites is the Auslan version provided by one of our nurses who has a hearing impairment, it is so beautiful to watch. When you see just how much fun people have been having by participating it reconfirms the power of music and its essential role in health and wellbeing for us all,” Dr O’Brien said.

“We chose this song as we all need to continue to ‘Count on’ each other, we want the community to know we are here for them always, and also to show our support for all people working in healthcare worldwide.”

The RMH also used the scrub choir to thank the broader community for all its support. Business have been providing amazing offers to help make our days easier too and we want to thank the people of Victoria for staying at home and helping to keep everyone safer.

At the RMH we want our community to know that you can ‘Count on Us’ to continue to offer you the best healthcare.

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