19 April 2018
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The RMH’s Medical IT Training Simulator, developed by Senior Biomedical Engineer Simon Cowley, has won 3rd place in the inaugural Australian Biomedical Engineering Innovation Awards (ABEIA).

The simulator gives biomedical engineers and technicians from our Clinical Engineering department the opportunity to develop skills in medical IT systems, such as patient monitoring systems, in a controlled and measurable environment.

Similar to clinical simulation environments, the medical IT simulator is used to train staff in responding to realistic scenarios for medical IT systems. These scenarios include system failures and hardware faults, as well as cyber security incident response and recovery.

“Thank you to all those who supported the development of the training simulator, along with travel support from the Melbourne Health Office for Research to attend the Society for Medical & Biological Engineering (NSW) Conference and present on the training simulator,” Simon said.

The award was presented by Yasmine Catley (NSW Shadow Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation) and Peter Deliopoulos (Chairman of the Australian Biomedical Engineering Innovation Awards).

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