Home Lottery winner Elizabeth - April 2018
12 April 2018
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Not only did Elizabeth just start a new job as an Occupational Therapist, but in the same week won the RMH Home Lottery's grand prize.

Elizabeth went to work last Tuesday determined to do well in the first few days of her new job as an Occupational Therapist. Such was her determination that Elizabeth locked her mobile phone away so she would not be distracted. Which meant that it took all day to contact her to tell she had just won the $3 million home lottery house in Bateman Street, Hampton!

Elizabeth, 24, did not buy the winning ticket, her father bought it for her, as he does for her two older sisters, alternating every year, in recognition of the great care Elizabeth received when she had brain surgery at the RMH on two separate occasions.

“It was touch and go but she had amazing care and we had a great experience at the RMH,” her father said

On first hearing the news (much earlier in the day than Elizabeth did) her sisters (one trained as a nurse at the RMH) were very sceptical and could not believe it was for real, her mother didn’t believe that anybody wins anything anymore. So it was a huge surprise to see the new house and realise everything in it was Elizabeth’s as well.

Having just moved into a new apartment with her parents in the city, from Moonee Ponds, Elizabeth’s mother thought they might be empty nesters soon!

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