RMH deputy CEO Adam Horsburgh, Claire Kellock pharmacy, A/Prof Chris MacIsaac, Alexandra Edwards pharmacy and Sue Rice Director of Nursing Operations
27 August 2019
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The Royal Melbourne Hospital officially opened its new aseptic suite as it continues to be a leader in clean room set ups around Victoria.

The custom made space will be used to make medications that require special handling using the aseptic technique.

The aseptic technique means following practices and procedures to prevent contamination from pathogens.

This new suite makes RMH one of the aseptic suites in Victoria that are leaders in clean room set up and operations.

Royal Melbourne Hospital, Aseptic services manager Claire Kellock who was the brains behind the design says, “The patients that require these preparation are usually immune compromised, so it’s important these preparations are done under controlled clean room conditions.”

“Other hospital with clean room suites are starting to benchmark from RMH standards of clean rooms and cleaning procedures,” Kellock said.

“We are all very excited for our phase of Aseptic suite service and looking into advancing further in the future.”