08 September 2020
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Northwest Mental Health (NWMH) at the Royal Melbourne Hospital has been instrumental in providing support to our community as we continue to battle our way through COVID.

NWMH were pivotal in providing support to some of the most vulnerable in our community when they were asked to assist the efforts of the lockdown of the Flemington and North Melbourne towers.

Gail Bradley, Area Manager, Inner West Area Mental Health Service – RMH said the response happened very quickly. Once the team were assembled, they immediately began providing support to many pre-existing and new consumers needing help through this difficult period of uncertainty.

“The team really showed an exceptional commitment to this work, working with some of the most vulnerable in our community, through an incredibly difficult time,” Gail said.

NWMH has also played a major role in supporting specialist homelessness service providers including Launch Housing, Salvation Army and Vincent Care in a project run by the state government to move homeless people who were rough sleeping in the CBD and parklands into hotels across Melbourne.

Over 2000 people are temporarily housed in hotels across Melbourne. 52% of those are in the NWMH catchment (48% in the IWAMHS catchment – a majority in the Melbourne CBD).

Inner West Area Mental Health Service are providing outreach services to assist with the mental health needs of the people who have been placed temporarily in hotel accommodation.

“The response to homelessness really demonstrated how agile our team has been through this time, they have demonstrated a ‘can do’ attitude every step of the way,” Gail said.

Dr David Fenn, Medical Director, NorthWestern Mental health said he was very proud of the team that showed so much flexibility in a time of great anxiety and concern.

“A lot of people would run a million miles and not be anywhere near this, but the staff have risen to the challenge, and quickly adapted to changing situations,” David said.

Without the efforts of everyone from NWMH our community would be in a much worse situation, being able to rise to the various challenges that COVID-19 has presented has been an important part of keeping our consumers, patients and community healthy.

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