Margaret and her daughter with a music therapy clinician
18 July 2016
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The Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery is on again and part of the proceeds from this year’s program will support stroke patients’ recovery through Music Therapy Services. 

Stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers and a leading cause of disability. One in six people will have a stroke in their lifetime and distressingly, 30 percent of them are under 60 years old. In May 2016, young mother of three, Margaret, woke up with strange tingling sensations in her body. She had suffered a stroke which affected her ability to walk, use her arms and speak clearly.

Margaret is currently undergoing rehabilitation, including Music Therapy, at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Neuroscience investigations show that music improves overall brain function and that the brain processes singing differently to speech. Often people who cannot speak can still sing and music therapy can help patients speak more clearly, motivate their movement, and uplift their spirit.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital cares for more than 800 stroke patients a year. Our award winning Music Therapy Service uses specialised singing techniques to help patients find new pathways to recovery.

RMH Home Lottery luxury home prize - July 2016

Top prize in the Lottery is a $2.6 million, fully furnished Grand Prize Home in Hampton built by Glenvill Homes which includes $100,000 in gold. With over 4,300 prizes worth over $4 million, chances of winning are 1 in 25.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery is Victoria’s biggest lottery of its kind and the largest fundraising event for The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Launching in 2005, the Home Lottery has raised in excess of $42 million which has directly contributed to patient care, education and research at The Royal Melbourne. Over the years, proceeds have been directed to a variety of areas including the Emergency Department, Neurology and Stroke, Cancer Services, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Medical Research.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the RMH Home Lottery website.

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