20 August 2021
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He wears scrubs instead of skivvies, but the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s (RMH) intensive care unit (ICU) nurse Steven Moylan wiggled into action to help a very special patient.  

While caring for 22-year-old COVID patient Sarah Kelly, Steven took the organisation’s value of ‘people first’ to a whole new level. Sarah has an intellectual disability and required oxygen while in the ICU, but didn’t like wearing the oxygen tubes in her nose.

Sarah’s case hit home for Steven, whose brother also has an intellectual disability.

After finding out about Sarah’s love for the Wiggles, Steven was determined to contact them to see if they would film a video that would encourage Sarah to keep her oxygen on.

After 35 phone calls and countless emails, Steven finally received a call from one of the Wiggles. He couriered equipment from the ICU to the studio in New South Wales and let the Wiggles know what Sarah needed most.

Steven was the first to play Sarah the video, who remained complaint and wore the nasal prongs for the remainder of the day.

Sarah is now COVID free and on the mend in her recovery journey.

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