06 February 2018
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The RMH renal transplant team performed a record number of transplant operations in Victoria in 2017, in an exceptionally busy year for the nephrology department.

RMH Nephrology Director, Professor Steve Holt, said 140 kidney transplants were carried out throughout 2017, with the last transplant just before the end of 2017.

“Our transplant team worked harder than ever this year and achieved a record number of kidney transplants from a single centre in Victoria,” Professor Holt said.

“The increase in organ donation was largely due to a higher number of donors after cardiac death (DCD). This is a complex area, however, this is due to the excellent work of Donate Life coordinators, the generosity of donor families and a very hard working nephrology team.”

So far in 2018 a further seven transplants have been performed and it is anticipated there will be increasing activity in the Paired Kidney Exchange Program, paving the way for another busy year.

“Our continued focus on transplanting our patients where at all possible is really important to improving the quality of life and longevity of our patients and contributes in a major way to delivering on our promise of being First in Care, Research and Learning,” Professor Holt said.

Pictured: Professor Steve Holt, Director of Nephrology, The Royal Melbourne Hospital

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