15 September 2021
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Researchers at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) have been funded $1.8 million in the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) Investigator Grants.

RMH Endocrinologist, Associate Professor John Wentworth and his team received funding under the Clinical Trial and Cohort Studies Grant for their work in immune therapy for type 1 diabetes.

“This clinical trial will test whether a combination of two therapies – abatacept and nasal insulin can stop the immune attack that causes type 1 diabetes,” said A/Prof Wentworth.

The Clinical Trial and Cohort Studies grant supports high-quality clinical trials that address important gaps in knowledge, leading to relevant and implementable findings for the benefit of human health.

“Sixty-two children and young adults recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes will receive abatacept and nasal insulin, or abtacept and nasal placebo, for one year to determine if combined therapy preserves pancreas function and decreases the need for insulin therapy.

“This trial is one of the first that attempts to combine two different immunotherapies. It will help us continue to improve outcomes for patients with type 1 diabetes,” A/Prof Wentworth adds.

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