04 November 2016
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At Melbourne Health we have made it clear that inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

To support this, Melbourne Health has embarked on a robust and comprehensive program to build a strong values-based culture that focuses on a safe and respectful workplace, where bullying and harassment are not tolerated.

A great staff culture equals a great place to work. This in turn supports high quality care and a safe workplace. We want to maintain our position as one of Australia’s best teaching hospitals and mental health services and that means ensuring a great staff culture.

As part of this program, behaviours relating to safety and reliability are encouraged, speaking up for safety, encouraging teamwork, providing feedback and ensuring accountability.

Certain behaviours are actively discouraged and managed, such as disrespectful communication, intimidation, harassment, breaches of policies, dishonest conduct and behaviours that have the potential to create an unprofessional environment.

This is a long term program and Melbourne Health is confident that the right measures are in place to build a positive culture for staff, patients and consumers.

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