02 December 2021
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As the year comes to a close, the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s (RMH) Scrub Choir continues to bring joy by collaborating with healthcare workers around the globe to launch Scrub Choir Plus.

Following on from their previous success of Count on Me, I’ll Stand by You, We Wish You, and Gratitude, Scrub Choir is back with a different twist and more than 900 healthcare workers from across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway and Japan now a part of the virtual choir.

Head of RMH Music Therapy and Scrub Choir, Dr Emma O’Brien OAM was humbled by the opportunity to collaborate with her international colleagues.

“Scrub Choir is a way for us all to connect virtually and to use the power of music for our own mental health and wellbeing,” says O’Brien. “I invited our colleagues from around the globe to join us by signing, playing and sending messages of support to one another. I was overwhelmed by the amount of interest there was.”

Scrub Choir Plus received more than 1,000 submissions for its new, unique arrangement of two colossal classics, What a Wonderful World (Thiele & Weiss, 1967) and Stand by Me (King, Lieber & Stoller, 1960).

Through the art and science of music, Scrub Choir Plus has brought international colleagues together to connect, unwind, and find moments of joy together while continuing to fight COVID-19 on the frontline.

“I work on a large intensive care unit in Leicestershire, UK and the last 18 months (and counting) have been awful,” said Glenfield Hospital’s Deputy Charge Nurse, Mark Harding. “Every one of us have been through some of the most challenging times in our careers.

“I love how music can bring people together,” he added.

“That’s the power of music,” O’Brien said.

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