08 June 2022
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Colorectal, general and trauma surgeon at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Doctor Tim Chittleborough has been recognised as one of nine clinicians joining the MacHSR Future Leaders Fellowship program.

The group of front-line clinicians will use health services research to solve practical care-delivery problems impacting their health services. Dr Chittleborough will be tackling the post-COVID surgical waitlist at the RMH.

COVID-19 has resulted in a prolonged period of reduced surgical activity which has increased surgical waitlists. The pandemic is having an ongoing impact on the ability to conduct elective surgery due to reduced inpatient bed availability, reduced staffing and increased emergency surgery.

This project aims to quantify the elective surgical waitlist to identify factors impacting on the timely delivery of care. Dr Chittleborough will investigate if it is possible to increase efficiency within existing theatre resources and explore initiatives to reduce surgical waitlists.

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