22 December 2022

Road traumas on the rise in warmer weather

Data collected by the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) trauma team shows an increase in motor vehicle collision presentations throughout the spring and summer months.

Date of Publication: Sep 2017
Beck, B., Ekegren, C. L., Cameron, P., Edwards, E. R., Bucknill, A., Judson, R., Page, R., Hau, R., Stevenson, M., Gabbe, B. J.
Background: As cycling-related injury rates are on the rise, there is a need to understand the long term outcomes of these patients in order to quantify the burden of injury and to inform injury prevention strategies. This study aimed to investigate predictors of return to work and functional recovery in a cohort of cyclists hospitalised for orthopaedic trauma from crashes occurring on-road.
Date of Publication: Nov 2019
Devlin, A., Beck, B., Simpson, P. M., Ekegren, C. L., Giummarra, M. J., Edwards, E. R., Cameron, P. A., Liew, S., Oppy, A., Richardson, M., Page, R., Gabbe, B. J.
Background: Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are vulnerable to serious injury due to limited external protective devices. Understanding the level of recovery, and differences between these road user groups, is an important step towards improved understanding of the burden of road trauma, and prioritisation of prevention efforts.

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Date of Publication: Sep 2017
Ben, Beck, Cameron, P. A., Fitzgerald, M. C., Judson, R. T., Teague, W., Lyons, R. A., Gabbe, B. J.
Objective: To investigate temporal trends in the incidence, mortality, disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs), and costs of health loss caused by serious road traffic injury.
Date of Publication: Mar 2015
Gabbe, B. J., Lyons, R. A., Fitzgerald, M. C., Judson, R., Richardson, J., Cameron, P. A.
Objective: To describe the burden of road transport-related serious injury in Victoria, Australia, over a 10-year period, after the introduction of an integrated trauma system. Background: Road traffic injury is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide.
29 May 2020

The Royal Melbourne Hospital supports Fatality Free Friday

As one of the major trauma centres in Victoria the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) in encouraging the community to drive safely on our roads as part of the Australian Road Safety Foundation’s (ARSF) Fatality Free Friday.

Gabbe, B. J., Stewart, I., Veitch, W., Ben, Beck, Cameron, P., Russ, M., Bucknill, A., de Steiger, R., Esser, M.
Aims The aims of this study were to describe the profile and longer-term outcomes of major trauma patients with unstable open pelvic fractures. Patients and methods An observational study was performed using data from the population-based Victorian State Trauma Registry.
13 August 2021
methamphetamines in a plastic zip-lock bag

First comprehensive study of illicit drug use and road trauma reveals more than 75% of those testing positive use methamphetamine

The first comprehensive study of illicit drug use and motor vehicle trauma has found that one in eight of those who end up in the emergency major trauma centre, whether a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian, test positive for an illicit drug – and that 77% of these are under the influence of methamphetamine.

16 November 2015
X-rays of Mayricio's sheltered pelvis

Hit and run cyclist back on the road for the RMH

Just two years ago, father of three Mauricio was left for dead after a horrific hit and run. But almost two years later, Mauricio is back on the road in support of the hospital that saved his life.

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