14 August 2020
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The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Royal Park campus is a designated rehabilitation and aged care facility; and as such we have had to make changes as we continue to adapt to the rapidly evolving nature of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 virus is known to impact those more vulnerable in the community and our aged care wards have been impacted.

To better support our COVID positive patients on the campus, we have transitioned these patients to two wards that will allow for better infection prevention measures. These wards are more contemporary in their design and better suited for supporting patients during this pandemic.

This has been made possible with a number of recovered patients being discharged to their residential aged care facilities.

From the outset of this pandemic, the safety of our staff and patients has been, and continues to be, our highest priority.

We are incredibly proud of our staff and the work they are doing as we continue to navigate through an incredibly challenging healthcare crisis.

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