23 December 2015
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Levalda Adams is thanking her lucky stars after some quick thinking by police allowed her to undergo a kidney transplant at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The RMH had been notified that a matching kidney for Ms Adams was available after she had had a long wait on the kidney transplant waiting list.

Hospital staff had made multiple attempts to call Ms Adams throughout the morning without success.

A call was made to police to visit the Ms Adam's address in Brunswick West for a welfare check.

Two members from the Operations Response Unit attended, obtained no response to knocking, reported that no-one was home, and prepared to leave. On impulse, they returned for a final check of the rear of the property, to find Ms Adams had collapsed and was lying on the floor.

After initial first-aid assessment and treatment, they carried her to the police vehicle and drove her directly to the RMH.

After responding well to initial treatment, the Ms Adams received the urgent kidney transplant and is now recovering well.

This Christmas she no longer needs dialysis, and is very grateful for the assistance of the police officers. Had it not been for their quick thinking and timely treatment by hospital staff on that day, she may not have survived. The gift of the donated kidney has given her a new life, and a Christmas she will always remember.

Photo: Levalda Adams with First Constable Thomas O’Dwyer (left) and Senior Constable Dean Turner from Victoria Police.

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