18 December 2019
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The Stephen Davis award for Outstanding Fellow of the year is a new prize to recognise the talents within the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) Neurology department.

The Stephen Davis award, acknowledges research fellows at the top of their game. In the name of Professor Stephen Davis, previous director of neurology at the RMH and current director of the Melbourne Brain Centre.

Stroke fellow Fana Alemseged has won the award for the first time, based on specific criteria – a credit to the hard work she has undertaken throughout the year.

Dr Alemseged held the publication record for the year, which includes her important work around Basilar artery occlusion.

This form of stroke is associated with a high risk of disability and mortality (up to 70--80%), if not treated. The Basilar Artery Treatment and Management (BATMAN) registry has been critical in answering clinical questions regarding this devastating form of stroke.

Dr Alemseged is an Italian trained stroke neurologist and is also undertaking her PhD at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Stephen Davis, said he hopes the ongoing award will continue to show the strength of the neurology department at RMH as leaders in stroke.

“Fana is an outstanding researcher pushing the boundaries to advance stroke care.

“Our department continues to excel in research in all aspects of neurology under the leadership of Professor Mark Parsons, with studies being published in the most reputable journals around the world, proving to have major impacts on clinical guidelines internationally,” Prof Davis said.

The award was selected by a panel of judges and was awarded in the new stroke ward.

“I feel lucky to work in an area where more work needs to be done to improve outcomes,” Dr Alemseged said.

Dr Gayle Garcia was also awarded the Peter Ebeling Award for most outstanding registrar by Professor Mark Parsons, director of neurology.