A Royal Melbourne Hospital staff member helps a patient learn more about their medications using the Patient Learning Hub.
08 May 2018
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An innovative web portal where patients can access information about their medications while in hospital and after leaving hospital has been developed by The Royal Melbourne Hospital Pharmacy Department.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Patient Learning Hub is home to a number of interactive e-learning modules that help patients and their carers learn more about common medicines used to treat certain medical conditions.

The user-friendly modules contain information about why patients need to take their prescribed medications, how to take the medications, possible side effects and general tips for managing medicines.

RMH Clinical Pharmacist and Interactive Consumer Medicines Education Project Officer Kristin Knorr said the Patient Learning Hub aims to improve patient experience, patient safety and clinical outcomes.

“The modules are designed to supplement education provided by staff, help patients gain a better understanding of their medicines and empower them to be actively engaged in their health,” Kristin said.

“It’s about having something patients can refer to once they’ve left hospital, as often the process of leaving hospital can be stressful and patients may forget what they have been told by staff.”

There are currently three modules available: Know Your Medicines By Heart (for people who have had a heart attack), Know Your Medicines after a Kidney Transplant and Know Your Warfarin. A new module, Know Your Medicines after a Stroke, will be added soon.

The Pharmacy team consulted extensively with specialist RMH doctors and nursing staff in developing the modules.

“For the development of each module we liaised with the relevant specialist team at the hospital,” Kristin said.

“We also consulted with a number of patients about their needs.”

All Melbourne Health pharmacy, medical and nursing staff can be registered as Patient Learning Hub users, which then allows them to register their patients as users. Patients can speak with their treating team if they would like to be registered as Patient Learning Hub users.

Once registered, patients can access the modules as often as they like on a tablet device or computer, while in hospital and at home after being discharged.

Visit patientlearninghub.thermh.org.au to login and access the modules.

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