Date of Publication: Dec 2017
Reading, P. C., Leung, V. K., Buettner, I., Gillespie, L., Deng, Y. M., Shaw, R., Spirason, N., Todd, A., Shah, A. S., Konings, F., Barr, I. G.
Background: The isolation and propagation of influenza viruses from clinical specimens are essential tools for comprehensive virologic surveillance. Influenza viruses must be amplified in cell culture for detailed antigenic analysis and for phenotypic assays assessing susceptibility to antiviral drugs or for other assays.

Melbourne Health will be awarding 6 grants in aid (GIA's) for funding commencing in 2020.


The Thirteenth International Hokkaido Trauma Conference will be held at the four star Rusutsu Resort Hotel on the Japanese island of Hokkaido from January 12 to 17, 2020.

21 March 2018

Towards the early detection of liver cancer

Liver cancer in Hepatitis B patients could be detected and treated earlier with Melbourne Health-led research into Hepatitis B splice variants currently underway.

Date of Publication: May 2018
Jamrozik, E., Selgelid, M. J.
Zika virus was recognised in 2016 as an important vector-borne cause of congenital malformations and Guillain-Barre syndrome, during a major epidemic in Latin America, centred in Northeastern Brazil.
15 March 2017

Melbourne Health appoints new Chief Executive

Melbourne Health Chairman, Robert Doyle, announced today the appointment of Professor Christine Kilpatrick as Chief Executive of Melbourne Health. Christine will join the organisation on 1 May 2017.

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Melbourne Health is required to monitor all approved research until the completion of the project

Date of Publication: Apr 2017
Chaves, N. J., Paxton, G. A., Biggs, B. A., Thambiran, A., Gardiner, J., Williams, J., Smith, M. M., Davis, J. S.
Introduction: In 2009, the Australasian Society of Infectious Diseases published guidelines on the post-arrival health assessment of recently arrived refugees. Since then, the number of refugees and asylum seekers reaching Australia has increased substantially (17 555 refugees in 2015-16) and the countries of origin have changed.
Date of Publication: Feb 2018
Chan, K. F., Carolan, L. A., Druce, J., Chappell, K., Watterson, D., Young, P., Korenkov, D., Subbarao, K., Barr, I. G., Laurie, K. L., Reading, P. C.
Small-animal models have been used to obtain many insights regarding the pathogenesis and immune responses induced following infection with human respiratory syncytial virus (hRSV).
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