Date of Publication: May 2017
Dwyer, C., Jokubaitis, V., Baker, J., Haartsen, J., Rath, L., Coleman, J., Fryer, K., Macintyre, J., Cartwright, A., Skibina, O., Macdonell, R., Butler, E., Shuey, N., Butzkueven, H., Kilpatrick, T., van der Walt, A.

Melbourne Health (MH) is committed to facilitating professional development of our nursing staff. The Royal Melbourne Hospital is one of Victoria’s largest hospitals providing a comprehensive range of health services including acute, sub-acute, general and specialist medical services.


Find positions at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne Health and NorthWestern Mental Health.

Date of Publication: Oct 2014
Dahl, T. F. M., Cowie, B. C., Biggs, B. A., Leder, K., MacLachlan, J. H., Marshall, C.
Background: Current estimates suggest over 218,000 individuals in Australia are chronically infected with hepatitis B virus. The majority of these people are migrants and refugees born in hepatitis B endemic countries, where attitudes towards health, levels of education, and English proficiency can be a barrier to accessing the Australian health care system, and best managing chronic hepatitis B.

The Melbourne Health Executive Management Team consists of the Chief Executive and Executive Directors.



Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 09:30

The REDCap Support Group session is aimed to support new and existing users of the database at Melbourne Health. Come and share your experiences, learn and problem solve with your colleagues.

17 December 2017

Statement about Robert Doyle

Robert Doyle has advised the Department of Health and Human Services and the Melbourne Health Board that he will take a month's leave as Melbourne Health Chair.

Board member, Mrs Jane Bell, will now serve as Acting Chair of Melbourne Health.


The Victorian Infectious Diseases Service (VIDS) provides inpatient and outpatient services, including management of travel and tropical diseases, HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis.

Date of Publication: Sep-Oct 2015
Hansson, N. C., Norgaard, B. L., Barbanti, M., Nielsen, N. E., Yang, T. H., Tamburino, C., Dvir, D., Jilaihawi, H., Blanke, P., Makkar, R. R., Latib, A., Colombo, A., Tarantini, G., Raju, R., Wood, D., Andersen, H. R., Ribeiro, H.
Background: A detailed assessment of calcium within the aortic root may provide important additional information regarding the risk of aortic root injury during transcatheter heart valve replacement (TAVR). Objective: We sought to delineate the effect of calcium volume and distribution on aortic root injury during TAVR.
Date of Publication: Jun-Aug 2014
Crowe, H., Bugeja, P., Wootten, A., Howard, N., Murphy, D., Challacombe, B., Costello, A.
Testing for prostate cancer (PCa) remains a controversial issue with conflicting professional recommendations resulting in wide variation in general practitioner's opinions, and advice to patients. As a result some men may not receive information about their risk of developing PCa, and are therefore unable to make a decision about undergoing testing.
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