Date of Publication: Apr 2016
Hong, T. P., Gow, P., Fink, M., Dev, A., Roberts, S., Nicoll, A., Lubel, J., Kronborg, I., Arachchi, N., Ryan, M., Kemp, W., Knight, V., Farrugia, H., Thursfield, V., Desmond, P., Thompson, A. J., Bell, S.
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) incidence is rising rapidly in many developed countries. Primary epidemiological data have invariably been derived from cancer registries that are heterogeneous in data quality and registration methodology; many registries have not adopted current clinical diagnostic criteria for HCC and still rely on histology for classification.
Date of Publication: May 2018
Ross, G., Sood, S., Mingos, N., Varigos, G.

Numerous policies, guidelines and regulations, at national and international levels, which prescribe best research governance practice to help ensure research is conducted to the highest governance and ethical standards possible.

22 June 2017

Statement about Japanese encephalitis

To be attributed to The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Associate Professor Steven Tong, Infectious Diseases Specialist at The Doherty Infection and Immunity


The Royal Melbourne Hospital employs Hospital Medical Officers (HMOs) who rotate through four speciality rotations of 13-weeks. HMOs are employed by the hospital either through the Post Graduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) computer match or via direct appointment.

14 December 2016
Local Member for Broadmeadows, Frank McGuire, with Melbourne Health’s A/Prof Ruth Vine and Professor Daryl Williams.

Victoria’s oldest mental health facility receives $1.7million upgrade

The Broadmeadows Inpatient Unit Intensive Care Unit was officially opened by The Hon. Frank McGuire, Local Member for Broadmeadows earlier this month.

Date of Publication: Jun 2018
Lorans, M., Dow, E., Macrae, F. A., Winship, I. M., Buchanan, D. D.
Colorectal cancer (CRC), one of the most common cancers, is a major public health issue globally, especially in Westernized countries.
Date of Publication: Mar 2016
Mikocka-Walus, A., Knowles, S. R., Keefer, L., Graff, L.
Background: Although mental health concerns are known to occur commonly for those with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), the nature of this comorbid relationship has not been systematically reviewed to date. A review in 2007 identified 5 controversies regarding anxiety/depression rates and various comparators between and within IBD.

The International Hokkaido Trauma Conference aims to cater to an audience from a wide range of backgrounds including: anaesthetics, intensive care, emergency care workers, paramedics, nursing staff and general practitioners.


In partnership with the La Trobe University Academic and Research Collaborative in Health (ARCH), the Big Ideas symposium provides a platform for nursing and allied health clinicians and students to present a research focused idea that will improve the experience and/or care of patients.

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