The Psychology service works with patients, families and clinical staff to identify and manage emotional, psychological, or behavioural factors that may be impacting on a patient’s wellbeing or engagement with treatment and self-management.


The Diabetes Education service provides information, education and clinical care to RMH patients diagnosed with diabetes and / or their carers.

Date of Publication: Aug 2018
Loi, S. M., Walterfang, M., Velakoulis, D., Looi, J. C. L.
Objectives: This clinical update review focuses on the management of the neuropsychiatric manifestations of Huntington's disease (HD). The review highlights current issues regarding pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment, putative therapeutics and recent relevant research findings in this area.
Date of Publication: Oct 2018
Suttie, A., Karlsson, E. A., Deng, Y. M., Horm, S. V., Yann, S., Tok, S., Sorn, S., Holl, D., Tum, S., Hurt, A. C., Greenhill, A. R., Barr, I. G., Horwood, P. F., Dussart, P.
Live bird market surveillance for avian influenza viruses in Cambodia in 2015 has led to the detection of two 7:1 reassortant influenza A(H5N1) Glade viruses. These reassortant strains, designated A/duck/Cambodia/Z564W35M1/2015 and A/chicken/Cambodia/Z850W49M1/2015, both contained a single gene (PB1 and matrix gene, respectively) from concurrently circulating A(H9N2) influenza viruses.
Date of Publication: Nov 2017
Stark, Z., Dashnow, H., Lunke, S., Tan, T. Y., Yeung, A., Sadedin, S., Thorne, N., Macciocca, I., Gaff, C., Oshlack, A., White, S. M., James, P. A., Melbourne Genomics Hlth, Alliance
Rapid identification of clinically significant variants is key to the successful application of next generation sequencing technologies in clinical practice.
Date of Publication: Apr 2015
Field, K. M., Jordan, J. T., Wen, P. Y., Rosenthal, M. A., Reardon, D. A.
Anti-angiogenic therapy for glioblastoma has been in the spotlight for several years, as researchers and clinicians strive to find agents with meaningful efficacy against glioblastoma. Bevacizumab in particular, in the second half of the last decade, became the most significant breakthrough in anti-glioblastoma therapy since temozolomide.
Date of Publication: May-Jun 2015
McGuinness, S. L., Spelman, T., Johnson, D. F., Leder, K.
BackgroundAn important role of pre-travel consultations is to improve travelers' understanding of travel-related diseases, but the efficacy of education provided is unknown. This study sought to assess recall and knowledge immediately following a pre-travel consultation. MethodsThe study was conducted at a hospital-based pre-travel clinic in Melbourne, Australia.
Date of Publication: Apr 2018
Foster, K. P., Hills, D., Foster, K. N.
Hospitalisation of a parent with acute mental health problems impacts the consumer, their extended family/carers and children. Mental health nurses are at the forefront of promoting recovery for consumers in an acute inpatient setting.
Date of Publication: Sep 2015
Khan, F., Amatya, B., Mannan, H., Burkle, F. M., Galea, M. P.
Objective: To provide an update on rehabilitation in Madagascar by using local knowledge to outline the potential barriers and facilitators for implementation of the World Health Organization (WHO) Disability Action Plan (DAP).
13 November 2015

Celebrating Dr Margaret Henderson on her 100th birthday

The RMH congratulates Dr Margaret Henderson, our first female member of the Senior Medical Staff, on her 100th birthday on 13 November 2015.

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