Close up of elderly woman's hands being held by another
11 June 2019

The same drug that has slowed and reversed the progression of motor neurone disease has been found to yield similar benefits for Parkinson’s disease patients, according to the results of a new trial led by the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Prof Peter Mitchell and A/Prof Nicholas Opie
08 April 2019

A device the size of a small paperclip, created to give people with severe paralysis the ability to communicate again, has been approved for its first-in-human clinical trial, which will be at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Diabetes equipment - insulin pen and glucose level blood test meter
29 March 2019

In a world first, Royal Melbourne Hospital researchers today published the first ever randomised study of a Proactive Inpatient Diabetes Service (RAPIDS) trial to investigate the effect of comprehensive early intervention for in-hospital patients with diabetes.

Dr Jason Tye-Din with a patient. Photo courtesy of Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
31 October 2018

The world’s first vaccine for people with coeliac disease is one step closer as phase two clinical trials get underway across Australia, led by The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Healthy Brain Project.jpg
14 June 2018

Why do some people develop Alzheimer’s disease while others don’t?

Normal lung scan
20 June 2017

Are you: A smoker or recent former smoker? Aged from 55 to 80? In good general health?

Victor Blackwood and Rodney Jacobs were participants in the Venetoclax trial
28 January 2016

In a world-first clinical trial, Melbourne medical researchers have shown that patients with an advanced form of leukaemia can achieve complete remission with a novel tablet treatment.

24 November 2015

Doctors at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre have joined forces with pharmaceutical companies in a world-leading clinical trial showing early signs of promising results.

21 September 2015

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is calling for adults aged between 18-75 years with diagnosed epilepsy to participate in a dietary therapy trial, investigating if the modified Atkin’s diet reduces epileptic seizures.

Paitent having his blood pressure taken by a doctor
24 April 2015

Melbourne medical researchers believe an anti-cancer drug may hold the key for people newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.