11 May 2021

Mauricio Munoz first became known to the Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency Department (ED) in 2013 after he was thrown off his bicycle after being hit by a truck.

28 April 2021

Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) patient, Naser Moradi, has donated a painting to the hospital to give thanks for those who looked after him during his stay at RMH in 2017.

Dr Alistair Walpole
27 April 2021

A team of passionate sustainability champions have changed the way the RMH thinks of Bluey – not only an adorable dog, but a crucial piece of equipment contributing to unnecessary waste.

24 March 2021

During the Covid-19 second-wave which faced Melbourne in July 2020, multiple aged care wards at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) were impacted by an outbreak that affected both staff and patients.

Kate Drummond
23 March 2021

The Australian Government has awarded $2.6 million to researchers at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and the University of Melbourne for a project using the latest information technology to improve the lives of people who have survived brain cancer.

15 March 2021

A study aiming to find the genetic link between familial bowel cancers, led by Inaugural Chair of Adult Clinical Genetics at the University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital Professor Ingrid Winship, is one of 13 research projects that will share in $3.8 million from Cancer Council Victoria.

03 March 2021

Research by the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) and the Peter Doherty Institute for Infectious Diseases and Immunity, published results for the validation study of rapid point-of-care antigen testing in the Lancet Regional Health Western Pacific.

02 March 2021

Lord Mayor Sally Capp today announced this year’s Moomba Monarchs are representatives of the unsung community heroes who have been working to keep us all safe during COVID-19.

26 February 2021

Work is underway to create world-first light, portable brain scanners so more Australians have rapid access to real-time stroke treatment. The radical approach will tackle the serious inequity of access to stroke care for rural and remote Australians. It is expected to dramatically reduce the risk of death and disability after a stroke.

25 February 2021

As one of the biggest providers of Mental Health services in Victoria, The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s North Western Mental Health (NWMH) is excited to announce the launch of two new Hospital Outreach Post-suicidal Engagement (HOPE) services.