Eamon is a registered nurse who provides complex case coordination, and health service client liaison for those requiring treatment or follow-up for tuberculosis (TB) infection or disease in Victoria.

Eamon supports his clients' care through liaison and collaboration with their treating physicians and multidisciplinary care teams.

Support is provided for clients accessing care in both Melbourne metropolitan and regional health care facilities throughout the northwest of the state.

Care is also afforded to clients who may live in NSW or SA but access their health care in Victorian regional hospitals; as well as facilitating transfer of care for those choosing to move permanently to another state or country.

Working in regional and remote Victoria presents a unique set of challenges for providing care, both from a nursing and medical perspective, with distance being the least of these. An understanding of regional Australia informs collaborative decision-making. Telehealth helps to bridge the gap for many regional clients.

With a high proportion of new Australians in our regions who require care and support, telephone interpreting services are used frequently towards ensuring clients are aware of their diagnosis, treatment requirements, duration of care, and ongoing assessment while on medication for their TB.