Rina is currently a consumer representative on the RMH's Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC).

Rina originally did a science degree followed some years later by an MBA. She has worked in academic publishing – editing and management roles and worked for a variety of industry associations, including in law and allied health – management roles responsible for planning, staff, finances, committee management and liaising with stakeholders.

Rina’s husband, Peter, spent the last month of his life at the RMH – in ICU, the Stroke ward and in Palliative Care. The quality of his medical care was, as expected, fabulous. However, the “person-centred care” varied substantially, so she volunteered to be a consumer representative aiming to contribute to ongoing improvements.

Rina is currently a consumer representative on the CAC, the Palliative Care Advice reference group, regularly sits on RCA / Serious Incident Review panels and was the consumer representative on the Home First Ambulatory and Complex Care Improvement Committee for three years.