All clinical and patient areas at Royal Park Campus are accessible for people with disabilities.

Getting around

Access routes around the hospital are signposted.

Buildings/wings are accessible by lift. Most lifts used by patients and visitors have braille buttons and audible level announcements.

Entrances to stairs are protected by steel posts, making the property much safer for people in wheelchairs and using other assistive devices.

Pickup and drop off by car or taxi

You can drive straight to the Rehabilitation Centre from Poplar Road to drop off or pickup patients. Enter the campus via Cypress Drive (Gate 4), then follow the signs to the Rehabilitation Centre. There is an undercover area so you can take the time you need to get your family member or friend in or out of your car without getting wet on rainy Melbourne days!

You can access the Clinical Centre either from the car park, or by entering the campus via Cypress Drive (Gate 4) and using the drop-off area near the Rehabilitation Centre. The Clinical Centre is a short walk north from Rehabilitation.

There is a taxi phone in Reception. Taxis can drop off and pick up from any of the locations at the Royal Park Campus – Clinical Centre, Rehabilitation Centre and Reception.


Disabled parking spaces are available near the Clinical Centre. Parking is free for cars displaying a disabled permit which are parked in these spaces.


Royal Park Campus site plan
Find out more about the location of each building at Royal Park (PDF,307.02 KB)
Contact us if you need an accessible version of a download.