What will the hospital room be like?

If you're coming in for an overnight (or longer) stay, we have shared and single rooms. We give people single rooms based on their medical needs. On occasion, you may need to share a room with patients of both genders, but wherever possible, we co-locate people of the same gender and are sensitive to your needs and preferences.

Unfortunately, having private health insurance does not guarantee you a single room - it all depends on what is available on the day.

What is the bed like?

Our beds are able to be extended for taller people, and we have some beds available for larger people. The bedding is comfortable, and is changed frequently depending on your needs.

Is there anywhere to store my belongings?

Each bed has a small set of drawers next to it for your personal belongings. There is not much room though, so don't bring too many things with you.

Find out more about what to bring.

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