Outpatients have the option to use self-check-in kiosks when they arrive for their clinic appointments.

Outpatients self check-in

  • Opposite the main lifts on the first floor
  • At the 1 South Clinic entrance
  • At the 1 South East Clinic entrance

How to use the self-check-in kiosks

When you arrive

  1. Bring your appointment letter and scan the barcode at the kiosk.
  2. If you forget your letter, swipe your Medicare card.
  3. Follow the instructions on the kiosk screen.
  4. Take your ticket and have a seat in the area indicated.

When the clinician is ready to see you

  1. Your ticket number will be displayed on the TV screen in the waiting area.
  2. Make your way to the room number indicated.
  3. Your clinician may meet you on the way.

What if I have multiple appointments on the same day?

If you have multiple appointments in one day you will be directed to the staff at the front desk so that they are able to coordinate these for you.

Self-check-in kiosks are only available to patients attending an appointment on the first floor of the RMH City Campus at this stage.

The Outpatients self-check-in kiosks are part of our ongoing Outpatient improvement work. Please speak with the staff if you have any questions or need assistance.

Need to change or cancel your appointment?

You can use our online form to request a change or cancellation of your appointment. You can also call the phone number on your appointment letter and we'll help you.