The Transit Lounge welcomes ward patients awaiting discharge or day procedure and outpatient appointments.

What is the Transit Lounge?

The Transit Lounge is an area where:

  • outpatients can comfortably wait prior to attending their Outpatient Clinic appointment
  • inpatients can wait prior to being discharged from the hospital
  • patients from Emergency and Outpatient Clinics who have been admitted by a medical team can wait for a ward bed to become available. These patients can have therapies started by our dedicated team of skilled nurses and support staff

The Transit Lounge is staffed by a dedicated team of skilled nurses and support staff, which includes:

  • registered nurse
  • enrolled nurse
  • National Patient Transport staff member
  • clinical assistant

The open plan area is fully equipped with:

  • 7 trolleys with individual TV viewing, oxygen and suction
  • 6 recliners with TV viewing
  • wheelchair spaces
  • seating for patients and relatives
  • tea / coffee facilities
  • 2 disabled toilets
  • lunch available for patients from wards with lengthy waits for departure

The Transit Lounge welcomes ward patients awaiting discharge or day procedure and outpatient appointments. Patients ready for discharge but who are awaiting final wound dressings, allied health reviews, delivery of test results, or supply, education and administration of medications can be accommodated.

Clinical reviews can be conducted in the Transit Lounge and intravenous medication can be administered up until 4.00pm.

Patients being discharged from RMH commonly come to Transit Lounge to wait for:

  • discharge medications to be dispensed
  • last doses of IV medications to be given
  • family or other transport means to arrive


The Transit Lounge has a dedicated pharmacist who will liaise with your ward pharmacist and dispense any medication you may need after your hospital stay.

Our pharmacist will also give you comprehensive information about any new medications you may have to take, and answer any questions you may have.

During busier periods, it can take up to one hour to receive your discharge medications.

Pickup and drop off parking

You should call the Transit Lounge to find out the easiest way to collect patients.

Assistance getting to and from the hospital

If you require assistance with transport to or from your Outpatients Clinic appointment, Transit Lounge staff can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Assessing your eligibility to use Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) to attend appointments.
  • Booking your NEPT for you once eligibility criteria are established
  • Providing suggestions on alternative transport options

Contact the Transit Lounge at least one week prior to your appointment so that we can assess your application to use the NEPT service.