At The Royal Melbourne Hospital we are on a journey to enhance the experience of our LGBTIQA+ and questioning patients, consumers and visitors.

Supporting LGBTIQ+

In 2019, we survey our Facebook community to ask as many LGBTIQA+ members what was important to them. From that feedback and the Rainbow Health inclusive practice self-assessment, we developed our Supporting LGBTIQA+ Inclusive Practice Action Plan.

We are committed to being "a great place to work and a great place to receive care" in an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment.

In late 2021, we created two new LGBTIQA+ Patient Navigator roles to support LGBTIQA+ inclusion.”

How you can participate in inclusive practice as a patient or consumer

Join our LGBTIQA+ committee or working groups

You may want to join one of these groups to help plan events, training and to help implement the actions outlined in our Supporting LGBTIQA+ Inclusive Practice Action Plan.

We take consumer input seriously and are always interested in hearing consumer feedback or participation in our committees and working groups.

Raising awareness through events and social media campaigns

Supported by the organisation, campaigns will go out on our formal social media channels, as well as through our internal channels to staff.

Our LGBTIQA+ days of celebration:

  • Wear it Purple Day (August 30)
  • National Coming Out Day (October 11)
  • Transgender Awareness week (Early November)
  • Midsumma Carnival & Pride 2020 (Jan – Early Feb)
  • IDAHOBIT 2020 (May 17)
  • Changes we are working towards:

Inclusive data collection

We’re working with our IT and Health Information teams to create more inclusive data collection – adding gender neutral title options, a new gender identity field and non-binary options for recording of sex at birth in your medical history. This is currently scheduled to be available in mid-2020 with planned upgrades to our IT systems.

Inclusive toilet signage

We are creating inclusive toilet signage and working on a map of all single-cubicle toilets across the hospital. Our new signs will state “All genders, all abilities”

Rainbow flag stickers

We are rolling out rainbow flag stickers across entry points around the health service to help support LGBTIQA+ or questioning people to feel safe and welcome. LGBTIQA+ Staff and Allies have access to rainbow pins to make a visible sign of their support for patients, consumers and other staff.

Provide feedback

Please contact our LGBTIQA+ Patient Navigator, Connor Gryffydd, at email: or via telephone: 0498 399 621 to provide feedback relating to a patient experience or for more information about how we can support you.