Our Young Adults Transition Service provides specialist consultation to adults with congenital disabilities such as Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, Down Syndrome and Dwarfism.

Our service also addresses the needs that many young adults face in the transitioning from a paediatric service to an adult healthcare service.

What we do

We provide care and support for young people in their late teenage years who are in transitioning from a paediatric hospital to an adult hospital.

Our Young Adult Transition Service provides:

  • Specialised clinical assessment and treatment
  • Regular review to monitor health needs
  • Liaison and referral to relevant services
  • Sexual health counselling
  • Seating and posture assessment
  • Support in accessing local community services
  • Continence advice

Who can use our services

This service is available to anyone over 18 years of age with a congenital disability who requires ongoing monitoring and care with regards to their physical wellbeing.

How to access this service

Hospital staff may discuss your eligibility for this service during your visit. Your GP will fax your referral to the hospital.

Once we receive the referral, we will contact you.

If there is a waiting list, we will advise you what to do.


Contact us if you need an accessible version of a download.

In a medical emergency, call 000. If you are feeling unwell, see your local GP or go to your local hospital Emergency department for help.