Find out more about our haemodialysis team.

Jamie Rutherford

Nurse Unit Manager

Jamie has worked for over 25 years in the renal area. Having graduated from the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh he completed his Bachelor of Science with Deakin University. He has worked in various renal departments both in Australia and Scotland.

As Nurse Unit Manager he is responsible for the clinical, administrative and educational management of the in-patient Acute Haemodialysis Unit.

Debbie Angel

Metropolitan Dialysis Manager

Deborah Angel started her career in renal care as a haemodialysis technician in the 1980’s where the dialysis process was less developed and required more knowledge of plumbing and physics than the computerized systems in use today. During this time she completed a Bachelor of Science at Monash University and recognizing a passion for patient care she went on to complete a Bachelor of Nursing in 1998 at Latrobe University.

She has held the role of Metropolitan Satellite Dialysis Manager since 1999 which has the primary responsibilities to oversee the management of various satellite centres. She has been involved in the development and planning of several metropolitan and regional satellite services in Victoria.

Since July 2013 she has taken on an additional patient portfolio of Clinical Case Manager for the Essendon Fields Dialysis Centre. This role involves working closely with patients and their families to enable them to receive the optimal level of healthcare. Debbie finds her position within RMH Kidney Care Service very rewarding and well suited to her dual background of Science and Nursing.

Elaine Sanders

Clinical Nurse Practitioner - Regional Dialysis

Elaine Sanders started her career in Renal Nursing with Baxter Healthcare in England in 1998. She has held a variety of roles in private and public health including education, clinical support and care of patients undergoing haemodialysis treatments.

Elaine has completed her Masters in Advanced Nursing Practice and is transitioning into the role of Clinical Nurse Practitioner for regional dialysis. She will run clinics at Seymour and Hamilton Hospitals and is able to help with dialysis related issues and patient problems.

She provides audits and clinical guidance to all of our satellite dialysis patients

Jo-Anne Moodie

Clinical Nurse Practitioner candidate - Metro and Home Dialysis

Jo is transitioning to the role of Nurse Practitioner in metro satellite and home dialysis.

Jayne Amy

Vascular Access Coordinator

Jayne completed her General Nurse training and the Renal Care course at Royal Melbourne Hospital. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Advanced Nursing) and is embarking on further study in 2014, working towards gaining a Masters of Advanced Nursing Practice.

Jayne has worked in renal in a variety of roles in dialysis including Haemodialysis Nurse Unit Manager (acute and satellite sites) and Operations Coordinator, Accreditation Representative & Quality manager.

Jayne’s current role is as the Dialysis Access Coordinator. This important role involves all aspects of preparing patients for dialysis and looking after them from any surgical perspective when they are being treated. Jayne coordinates access procedures, provides advice pre and post operative advice and should be contacted for any access issues. She is responsible for booking surgery for renal patients including fistula creations & revision, peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion, live donor renal transplants, parathyroidectomy and other renal surgery. Jayne also attends pre-admission clinics, is a liaison for outpatient surgical consultation.

Jayne is a mine of useful and helpful information for staff and patients, and is available via telephone to help with any clinical issues associated RMH dialysis units with respect to surgery and or access procedures.

Lambrina Likouresis

Clinical Nurse Consultant for Regional Dialysis

Lambrina's current role is Clinical Nurse Consultant for Regional Dialysis. The role of the Clinical Nurse Consultant provides both clinical and educational support to the staff and patients in the 23 RMH Kidney Care regional satellite dialysis units.

The CNC is available via telephone to deal with any clinical issues that arise. The CNC provides a link between the regional dialysis units and RMH Kidney Care Service personnel including Nephrologists, Social Workers and inpatient areas.

The CNC also provides training for nurses who are new to dialysis; this is conducted at Coburg dialysis unit and is followed up by the completion of a basic skills assessment in the nurse’s home unit.

The CNC ensures that patients are safely transferred to the regional satellite units and works closely with the dialysis coordinator in this area. The CNC acts as a resource for the regional dialysis units and assists in problem solving, the establishment of regional dialysis services and the expansion of existing services where appropriate.

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