Find out more about our social work team.

Mary Malandra

Senior Social Work Clinician

Mary Malandra has had a long standing career in Social Work. She has worked in community health and in the private and public health care settings, although most of her career has been dedicated to the care of Renal patients. She embraces her role with ongoing positivity and enthusiasm and she devoted to making a difference.

Marion Forrest

Senior Social Work Clinician

Marian Forrest has worked in hospitals in the city, rural areas and overseas for many years with qualifications in Radiography, Social Work and Clinical Family Therapy. Marian commenced work in the Renal Unit at Royal Melbourne Hospital in 2000 and is a Senior Clinician in the Renal Social Work team, where she values highly her work with renal patients and their families, and her role in the Renal Unit.

Silvana Petrevski

Social Work Clinician

Silvana is an experienced social worker and the newest member of the social work team. Silvana was awarded The Dana Zilinskas Fellowship in 2017 for her work on Young People in Context run by the University of Melbourne and The Centre for Adolescent Health. She has a wealth of knowledge and a particular interest in young patients

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