Our Renal (kidney) ward cares for patients who need renal-related procedures or who need dialysis while undergoing other treatments.

It is well recognised that we need renal services to support other acute services in the hospital, with evidence that acute kidney injury is associated with worse outcomes and significantly increases costs and length of patient stay.

We play a major role in supporting other services which experience a high number of acute renal failure episodes. We have a superb renal pathology service, which receives many referrals.

The Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) of the Renal and Endocrinology ward provides both clinical and educational support to the staff and patients.

The NUM monitors and evaluates standards of care provided by the clinical team, provides regular feedback to the clinical team on standards of care and creates a culture of learning and development. Being visible and accessible in the clinical area to the clinical team, patients and visitors.

The NUM makes sure everybody knows what is going on: the patient, the nurses, the doctors and others including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers and dietitians. The NUM has to be able to coordinate the activities of everyone working in the ward, so that each patient gets the best possible individualised care.

We are all about keeping the patient at the centre of our thinking and actions.

The renal ward provides specialist and super specialist care for some of the most complex patients in Australia and cares for kidney transplant patients after their transplant procedure.

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We are proud of the high quality of care that patients receive on the ward. We maintain this high quality by continuous process of education and development.

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