We need to keep you safe while you are in hospital. It is very important that we have detailed knowledge of all the medicines that you are taking and why you are taking them.

This includes medicines that you may have purchased from health food shops, supermarkets or over the counter in pharmacies. Some of these products may not be safe for you to take at this time.

Medicines may include:

  • tablets, capsules or liquids, patches, creams and ointments
  • drops and sprays for eyes, nose, ears and mouth
  • inhalers and puffers
  • injections or implants
  • pessaries or suppositories.

Managing your medicines safely in hospital means:

  • letting staff know if you are allergic to any medications
  • speaking up about your medicines
  • asking questions if you are unsure about your medicines
  • finding out about what your medicines are for
  • discussing options with your doctor
  • making sure you understand how to take your medicines
  • making certain all medications are explained to you before transfer or discharge.

Find out more about things you need to take into account with medication before you arrive, while you are here and when you leave the hospital.

In a medical emergency, call 000. If you are feeling unwell, see your local GP or go to your local hospital Emergency department for help.