Singer Pete Murray has released songs written by two cancer patients from The Royal Melbourne Hospital, with his third single 'Let You Go' on his Benefit EP on iTunes, as part of a promise he made to them years ago.

In 2005 Pete met Kate Dawes, aged 20 and Caroline Clifford, 19. They had both written songs with Emma O'Brien as part of the Music Therapy program.

Pete heard the songs and was very touched by the girls' words, the music and their stories. Pete was a great source of support and hope for both of the girls. He promised that one day he would record their songs. Sadly Kate and Caroline died within six months of each other in 2005.

Staying true to his promise, Pete worked with Emma to record the songs for the families in 2007, shown on the Channel 9 YouTube videos. Special thanks to all involved.

Some profits from the release will go to Music Therapy at the hospital, so that more patients can have access to the songwriting program and find their song. "Pete's heartfelt recordings of these two beautiful songs will finally be available to the public in Kate and Caroline's memory," Emma O'Brien said. "Thanks to Sony Music Entertainment Australia, Pete's managment John Watson and Dave MacGregor, and special thanks to Pete Murray."

Here's a message from Pete Murray about the songs and the clips...

"I am very impressed with all the beautiful work and support over the years for the songs, and in particular the wonderful support everyone has shown in making both music video clips. This is also a great opportunity to spread the word about music therapy and how songwriting can really change people's journeys. I know the girls are smiling at us now"

To purchase the EP, visit the iTunes store.

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