Pastoral Care is concerned with, and upholds, the importance of the holistic care of individuals by addressing the connections between physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of wellbeing.

Pastoral Care aims to respond to the diverse spiritual and emotional concerns experienced through hospitalisation for you and your carers – family, friends and staff.

What we do

About the Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Team

The Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Team support people as they journey through times of illness and associated uncertainty. We assist people to draw on their own ‘spiritual’ resources, those things that provide meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging. For some people, the ‘spiritual’ is expressed through formal religious belief, practice and community. For others, it is realised through informal beliefs and practice, often connected to meaning drawn from culture, relationships and life experiences. Pastoral Care (sometimes called spiritual care) is provided by trained spiritual care practitioners and faith chaplains.

Our services include

  • Confidential spiritual support during illness, surgery, and hospitalisation
  • Emotional and spiritual support for families and carers
  • Religious and sacramental care including prayer, communion, anointing
  • Coordinating visits by representatives from most religious traditions

Pastoral Care workers regularly visit the wards during the week complementing the work of other staff. If you would like to see a Pastoral Care worker or a representative of your religion, please ask your nurse to contact Pastoral Care.

We provide a 24/7 on-call service for emergency needs.

Service times

City Campus

The City Campus Sacred Space is in the retail precinct on the ground level, and is a space for all faiths and traditions where everyone is welcome at any time.

Regular service times are:

Service at City Campus Sacred SpaceWhen
Morning meditation and prayerMonday - Friday, 9.15am
Buddhist meditationMonday, 1pm
Ecumenical Holy Communion / Eucharist ServiceTuesday, 1pm
Mindfulness at MiddayThursday, 12pm
Ju’maa (Muslin Friday Prayers)Friday, 1pm
Roman Catholic Eucharist Ministry

Daily on request

Full ward rounds on Sunday mornings

Roman Catholic MassLast Wednesday of every month
Good Friday and Christmas Day10.30am

Royal Park Campus

The RMH Royal Park Chapel, a sacred space for everyone, is open daily between 8am and 4pm for quiet reflection and spiritual solace. The multifaith alcove in the chapel affords additional privacy for prayer. Chapel services take place regularly.

Service at Royal Park ChapelWhen
Ecumenical service Third Wednesday of every month, 1pm

The chapel is also available for weddings and funerals by prior arrangement.

For further information, contact Pastoral Care.


Contact us if you need an accessible version of a download.

In a medical emergency, call 000. If you are feeling unwell, see your local GP or go to your local hospital Emergency department for help.