When your doctor has requested an Verterbroplasty, you will come to Radiology for a procedure to reduce or eliminate pain caused by broken bones in your back.

What is a Vertebroplasty?

Vertebroplasty is a non-surgical procedure performed by a Radiologist (doctor), which has been shown to be extremely effective in reducing or eliminating the pain caused by spinal fractures as a result of weakening in the bone - a condition called osteoporosis.

This procedure is done by a Radiologist (doctor). There will be some large machines, which are very safe. Specialised staff will remain with you throughout your stay. You will be sedated during the procedure and a nurse will be with you at all times.

What happens during the procedure?

The Radiologist will guide you throughout the procedure:

  • A drip (IV line) will be inserted into your arm or hand prior to the commencement of the procedure. This will allow the Radiology Nurse to give you a combination of sedation and pain relief during your procedure, as required and as instructed by the Radiologist.
  • Next the Radiologist will wash an area on your back with antiseptic solution and put local anaesthetic into the skin and deeper tissues to numb this area.
  • The Radiologist will be able to accurately put a small needle into the crushed vertebrae and inject some bone cement under x-ray guidance. You will usually feel some pressure that may be uncomfortable, but should not be painful.

What happens after the procedure?

On completion of the procedure, a small dressing will be placed over the area. The nurse will continue to monitor you closely, then you can go home.

In a medical emergency, call 000. If you are feeling unwell, see your local GP or go to your local hospital Emergency department for help.