The Royal Melbourne Hospital's commitment to research is demonstrated through the provision of a contestable research funding program supporting innovative and translatable medical research to enhance the care of our patients. 

With the exception of the travel grants, applicants must submit a research proposal which includes the rationale for the project; study aims and objectives; design and methodology; expected outcomes and significance.

Funding Calendar

SchemeApplications openSubmission dateOutcome notification 
Kearton Travel Grant19 January 201812 February 201815 February 2018
RMH Home Lottery Project Grant21 July 201728 August 20175 February 2018
Grants in Aid21 July 201728 August 20175 February 2018
Mary Elizabeth Watson Early Career Fellowship in Allied Health21 July 201728 August 20175 February 2018
JL Frew Travelling Fellowship21 July 201728 August 20175 February 2018
The RMH Women in Research Fellowship16 August 201718 September 20175 February 2018
RMH Home Lottery Equipment GrantDeferDeferDefer
The Dana Zilinskas Fellowship in Social Work8 August 20174 September 2017 
Date extended: 29 September 2017
November 2017
NorthWestern Mental Health Seed Grants21 August 201728 September 2017November 2017

Reporting and Variation Requests

Successful applicants are required to report annually on their research activities as part of the conditions of award to account for the expenditure and to describe any achievements, publications, conferences and collaborations arising out of the project.

These reports are important as continued funding of the project and the eligibility to compete for future funding is reliant upon their completion.

Report/Request typeDue dateHow to submit
Progress Report31 January reporting for the previous calendar yearvia SmartyGrants*
Final ReportDue within 1 month after the end date of the projectvia SmartyGrants*
Travel Grant ReportDue within 1 month upon return from travelvia SmartyGrants*
Financial Report (Acquittance)31 January accounting for the previous calendar yearComplete Financial Report and submit to RAO.
Grant Variation RequestAs needed or if requesting an extension, at least 1 month prior to the end date of the awardvia SmartyGrants*


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