World first epilepsy study for people with brain tumours

PEGASUS: A randomised controlled trial assessing the safety and effectiveness of perampanel, an anti-epileptic drug, in people with brain tumours

A new anti-epileptic-drug, called perampanel shows promise for being able to control and prevent seizures in patients with brain tumours. There are two separate studies in this project for patients with gliomas, a type of brain tumour. 

Study 1 is for patients who experienced a pre-operative seizure. In this study we will compare perampanel and levetiracetam treatment over 12 months after brain tumour surgery.

Study 2 is for patients who did not experience a pre-operative seizure. In study 2 we will compare perampanel and placebo for 4 months after brain tumour surgery and then observe participants for a further 8 months.

Anticipated date that enrolment will close: 31 March 2019

Who can take part

  • People aged 18 to 65 years; and
  • With a diagnosis of brain tumour (grade II-III glioma) on MRI; and
  • With a planned upcoming neurosurgical operation (resection or biopsy)

What is involved for you?

Before the operation all participants will receive a high-quality MRI at Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Unit, The University of Melbourne. Blood, urine and saliva samples will also be taken on a single occasion.

At the time of your operation, we would also like to test a small sample of brain from next to your tumour which will be safely taken by your Neurosurgeon. No extra brain tissue will be removed by your Neurosurgeon for this research project during the operation other than that tissue they were intending to remove anyway.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

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