Seeking participants for a psychological intervention for depression study

Examination of the effectiveness of a cognitive behaviour therapy based tailored psychological intervention for depression

We are seeking to examine the effectiveness of a tailored cognitive behaviour (CBT) therapy based psychological intervention for the treatment of depression in people newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. CBT is a type of "talk therapy" that helps people learn new skills targeting their thinking and behaviour often used for the treatment  of depression, anxiety.

Anticipated date the enrolment will close: 2021

Who can take part

People who are:

  • within 5 years of having received a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis from a neurologist; and
  • experiencing low mood; or
  • experiencing a loss of interest in things once enjoyed

What is involved for you

Undertaking 8 face-to-face individual psychology sessions with a clinical psychologist

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

For more information

Quote reference number
Dr Litza Kiropoulos
(03) 9035 4063