Seeking participants for a study of a new treatment for vascular dementia

The SLT Study: A clinical study that is testing a new herbal medicine formula treatment for vascular dementia or Alzheimer’s disease with cerebrovascular disease

The research study is testing a new treatment for vascular dementia (VaD) and Alzheimer’s disease with cerebrovascular disease. The new treatment is called Sailuotong (SLT). SLT is an extract of three standardised Chinese herbs, Ginseng, Ginkgo and Saffron, all of which are individually permitted for over-the-counter sale in Australia.

The primary objective is to determine the effectiveness of the herbal intervention on cognitive function (the brain functions relating to attention, memory, judgement, reasoning, problem solving etc.), activities of daily living and quality of life, and monitor the safety and effectiveness of SLT.

Anticipated date that enrolment will close: Ongoing

Who can take part

To participate in this study, participants must be:

  • Over 40 years old
  • Diagnosed with either VaD or Alzheimer’s Disease with evidence of cerebrovascular disease
  • Be on stable medications (if present) for at least 3 months prior to inclusion in the study
  • Have a study partner who is in contact with the participant at least 2 days a week

What is involved for you

Participation will involve taking the treatment for 52 weeks, and attending 8 scheduled clinic visits and 1 scheduled telephone call over 65 weeks.

The procedures that will occur over the duration of the study include:

  • Blood and urine tests
  • Vital signs and ECGs
  • Physical and neurological examination
  • Questionnaires, worksheets, puzzles to test cognitive function
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

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