The Office for Research supports researchers through grant application and management processes.

External grant funding providers

Our A to Z list of organisations that provide funding for medical research.

Applying for external grants

Applications to external funding bodies must be submitted to the Office for Research two weeks before the funding body's deadline.

This will provide the Office time to ensure that your application complies with the funding rules and to ensure that the organisation's details are correct.


  1. Notify the Research Administration Officer - Grants as early as possible of the scheme to which you intend to apply.
  2. Complete and submit an Application Lodgement Form via SmartyGrants. The Application Lodgement Form asks for evidence of endorsement by your Head of Department.
  3. Send a complete version of the grant application to the Office for Research at least two weeks before the funding scheme's closing date.

    For NHMRC applications:

    • Notify the Office by email that your application is ready for review on Sapphire
    • Identify Melbourne Health as your administering institution on Sapphire
  4. The RAO will review the application to ensure it meets the eligibility criteria. Any corrections required will be emailed to the investigator. Once corrections have been made, resubmit to the research office.
  5. In most cases, the Office for Research will submit the application to the funding body and will inform you of progress. This will be confirmed before submission.

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Application tips

  • Where an application form requires the name of the administering institution, insert Melbourne Health (not the Royal Melbourne Hospital)
  • Where the form asks for a Grants Manager or Research Administration Officer (RAO) email address, use

Grant outcomes

Sponsors may contact the Office for Research or the Chief Investigator with the results of grant rounds.

In accordance with RMH Policy and delegation, research funds, including grants, awarded to RMH can only be accepted on behalf of the organisation by the RMH's Director of Research or Chief Executive.

Contact the RAO if you have received advice directly from a sponsor so that the acceptance process can begin. In the case of unsuccessful applications, the Office for Research should be contacted so that the record can be updated.

Grant acceptance

The Office for Research will:

  • Note the details of the award
  • Review the conditions of the funding agreement
  • Help with coordination of the approval of the contract if acceptable
  • Liaise with you to open a Restricted Special Purpose Fund (Cost Centre) and review of the project budget

Reporting obligations

As part of the conditions of award, you may be required to submit progress, final and finance reports (acquittances). Take note of the report due dates to ensure that you submit on time.

Progress and Final Reports for some schemes can be submitted directly to the funding body, unless a signature is required from an authorised officer.

In the case where sponsors require financial reports to be submitted, contact the Business Manager - Research two weeks before the due date.

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