The Office for Research oversees all aspects of research at the RMH, with the major component of work arising from the operation of the HREC and the governance of research projects undertaken at or by the RMH.

The fees charged represent only partial recovery of the total cost of providing ethical and governance oversight.

Fees have been set based on the total (human and other) resources required to review a new research project on submission and then to monitor and manage it over its lifetime.

The fee structure is competitive and reflects actual resource allocation to the process of scientific and ethical review.

Fee schedules for commercially sponsored studies

  • Fees are payable at the time of submission
  • Fees are cumulative

RMH Research Office fees FAQs

Background to fee restructure
Why did the RMH Office for Research revise their fees?
Does every amendment incur the base rate fee?
I need to submit an amendment involving changes to study personnel, when does the Office charge for changes to personnel?
I have submitted 6 PICFs for an amendment. This includes 3 clean and 3 tracked versions. How many PICF bundles do I note on the fee form?
What’s a non-standard site? Can you give me an example?
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