We are committed to providing our patients, their care givers and families all the information required to decide if they would like to participate in research conducted at the RMH. 

Thank you for all that you do and Happy Clinical Trials Day!

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is deeply grateful and would like to recognize and thank all of our clinical trial participants, their families and supporters for the gift of their time and commitment to finding better care treatments. Without your willingness to participate, many clinical trials would not be possible.

Today is International Clinical Trials Day, a day to raise awareness about clinical trials and thank those involved in them. Clinical trials are an important step in the development of future treatments and providing treatment options for current patients – they really do change lives. Clinical trials conducted at the Royal Melbourne Hospital are actively recruiting and we envisage clinical trials activity and visits will continue to increase to pre-pandemic levels throughout the remainder year.

Together we are making the Royal Melbourne Hospital a great place to receive high quality health care.

As well as being one of Victoria's best and largest health care providers, the Royal Melbourne Hospital is also at the forefront of innovation through research to find new ways of diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases.

Why do research and what's in it for me?

Research is an essential part of healthcare development. We need to carry out research to develop new treatments or to decide which is the best available treatment or care.

By participating in research you will be taking a more active role in your healthcare. You will also be helping others, and possibly yourself, by helping to pave the way towards more effective care and management of your condition.

You may gain increased insight into the management of your condition.

How long is a research study?

Each study is different. Some will require face to face appointments. The average trial lasts can last up to 12 months, but some run for a number of years.

What about my time off work to attend study appointments?

If a study you are participating in requires you to take any time off work, you will be provided with a medical certificate.

What if I no longer wish to participate?

Participation is not compulsory. If you no longer wish to participate in a research project, you can refuse. You can be sure that your treatment will not be affected if you don't take part and you will always continue to receive the best care we are able to offer. Please let us know your concerns.

I am interested in taking part in a research study - what now?

For people interested in participating in research, initiate the conversation with your clinicians - ask if there are any projects suitable for you. For your convenience, we have described below some things to contemplate when considering involvement in a research study.

Our commitment to you

As a patient of the Royal Melbourne Hospital you:

  • Will only be asked to take part in a research project if it is appropriate for you
  • Can be sure that your treatment will not be affected if you decide not to take part in a research project
  • Will receive full information about the project
  • Will be asked to confirm in writing that you want to take part
  • Can change your mind and withdraw from a research project at any stage without your care being affected
  • Can be sure that your dignity, rights, safety, confidentiality and well-being will always be respected

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